KPSEZ DSP ESIA Service Agreement Signed


On February 10, 2022, the signing ceremony of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) Consultancy Services for the Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone Deep Sea Port Project (KPSEZ DSP Project) was held online, marking a major step in the process of developing the port.

CITIC Consortium Myanmar Port Investment Limited, an investing arm of CITIC Myanmar, as the client, signed the agreement with MSR Consortium, in an event witnessed by Canadian project management consultant firm Hatch Associates Ltd. (Hatch).


In his speech during the ceremony, CITIC Myanmar's Executive President Mr. Yuan Shaobin expressed the hope that MSR Consortium would carry out the ESIA in accordance with the Environment Law and relevant regulations in Myanmar to make sure the KPSEZ DSP Project strictly follows the guideline of PPP (People, Prosperity, Planet).

Speaking at the ceremony, Hatch representative Mr. Werner Gous said that the KPSEZ DSP Project will bring tremendous economic benefits to the Kyauk Phyu region and beyond, creating job opportunities and improving the wellbeing of local people. "CITIC Consortium is looking forward to building sustainable relationships with local people through long-term open communication," he added. "We are confident that MSR Consortium will help CITIC Consortium execute the vision."

Mr. Win Tin Win, Chairman of MSR, thanked CITIC Consortium for choosing MSR as the ESIA service provider. He said that MSR will certainly follow the standards and guideline set by MONREC as well as international standards.


To execute the ESIA is a critical prerequisite for realizing our vision of building a green and sustainable port for Myanmar. By selecting the ESIA service provider, CITIC Myanmar, with the assistance of Hatch, demonstrates that it has overcome challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, and carried out the procurement process through open and fair bidding process. MSR Consortium, which consists of several consultants from Australia, Brunei, Korea and Myanmar, ranks the first among all the bidders and is awarded the bid.

With the vision to boost economic development and improve people’s wellbeing in Myanmar, CITIC Consortium will work closely with Hatch, MSR Consortium and all stakeholders to conduct ESIA and formulate environmental protection plans for the KPSEZ DSP Project.

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