The KPSEZ will create jobs for the local community, provide training, create new business opportunities, and improve the overall living standards. 




The project will create large amount of local direct employments. With all the conditions proposed in the RFP and bidding documents were satisfied, during the development and operation period, both Industrial Park and Deep Sea Port are expected to provide 103,000 new jobs to local people. After 10 years of operation, 90% of the project managers’ positions would be undertaken by Myanmar local people.



CITIC plans to establish a CITIC BN Vocational School to provide a 1 year vocational training program for students from local low-income families. Each year, 100 students of 16 to 20 years old will be trained to be skilled workers and then work for companies in KPSEZ after graduation.


CITIC launched a “Village Fund Program” in 2015 and provided the amount of $1.5million to 50 local villages to create business opportunities and aim for improving local villagers’ overall living standards.