Two Public Consultation Meetings at Scoping Stage for Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of KPSEZ DSP Project were held at Kyauk Phyu Hotel in Kyaukphyu Township and Made Island on 27 and 28 August.

Government officials, representatives of social, humanitarian and environmental associations, members of political parties, town elders, village administrators and local residents attended the meetings.


Abiding by the Environmental Protection Law and Environmental Assessment Procedure in Myanmar, CITIC Myanmar proceeds with the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment  (ESIA) around the KPSEZ DSP and IP projects. Committed to developing the project in an environmentally sensitive way, CITIC Myanmar aspires to realize sustainable development in the KPSEZ projects. 
ESIA for the projects has entered the stage of Scoping. Field survey for Scoping has been finished, with the process participated by relevant stakeholders. Reporting on Scoping is well underway.