On November 8, 2019, CITIC Consortium held a graduation ceremony to mark the successful first-phase youth training program in Kyauk Phyu. About 100 people, including representatives from CITIC Consortium and NLD Education Network, members of the Training Management Committee and 60 trainees, as well as MP U Nyi Nyi and Chair of Eastern Language Center Daw Than Than Win, attended the ceremony.

Sponsored by CITIC Consortium and China's Yunnan Province, the first phase of training provided basic electrician course and English language course to 90 local trainees in the last two months. All the trainees were selected by the training program management committee composed of local representatives under the principles of openness and transparency.


In his address, CITIC Myanmar's Deputy Managing Director Frank Ma Chuanfu said the training program was the fourth CSR program carried out by CITIC Consortium in Myanmar. "CITIC Consortium will undertake more CSR programs such as vocational training, medical care, sports popularization, cultural exchange and livelihood improvement to promote social and economic development of Kyauk Phyu and other places in Myanmar”, he said, “More training courses will be launched based on the needs of local people.”

U Nyi Nyi, MP of Yangon Region, said that CITIC had extensive discussions with NLD Education Network and local people on the training. “From this activity, I learnt that CITIC has been always taking the development of local people as a priority while doing business”.

In the ceremony, representatives of trainees and local communities and authorities also welcomed and praised the training programs, expressing that it will improve local youths' job skills and give hope to them for a better future.

On November 6, CITIC Consortium had held a consultation meeting with local communities for advice on the second phase training. Based on the actual need of the young people, CITIC Consortium is about to roll out Chinese language course by the end of this year.